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  • Membership Participation Agreement

    • All Members are subject to GARA by-laws. GARA is a foodservice procurement cooperative, wholly owned by its participants ("the Members") which was created to manage a Food, Beverage, Supplier and Services Purchasing Program as a result of forming direct relationships with local, national food, beverage and product manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and related services ("the Program") on behalf of its participants. "The Program" allows GARA to offer Participants ("the Member") access to any negotiated volume allowances (rebates), deviations, negotiated pricing, discounted services and/or contract management in accordance with GARA by-laws. A copy of the membership by-laws may be requested. To receive the greatest benefit of the Program, the Participant’s facilities should target to purchase through our approved distributors 80% of its food, beverages and related supplies (the "Products") which are available through "the Program".

    • As an authorized agent, owner or employee of the above business (the “Member”) have the authority to enter into a participation agreement with GARA on its behalf and to the best of my knowledge, all information herein is correct. This agreement legally authorizes GARA to act on its behalf as the exclusive and primary purchasing agent for any and all product purchases by participants and hereby terminate any other affiliations and furtherauthorize GARA on its behalf to contact all of the distribution/supplier companies to make inquiries and obtain product level data reporting for the purpose of price audit, volume allowance (rebate dividends) tracking, and opportunity analysis for cost savings.

    • Participant acknowledges that any current programs through a direct manufacturer relationship desired to continue will be disclosed in writing via email to complement this application and understands that they will not be allowed to participate in the GARA program relating to those direct programs. Further, if GARA discovers that a program relating to those direct programs was not disclosed in writing, Participant agrees and authorizes GARA the wish to remain on the GARA program. Once notified, of said direct agreement, the “Member” will either obtain written permission from the said manufacturer or cancel within 5 business days and agree to repay any monies related to the undisclosed program(s).

    • The rebate check (“patronage dividends”) will arrive quarterly less membership fee (“dues”) at ten dollars per month. Dues are automatically deducted quarterly and listed as a line item on participant’s quarterly report. The first check may arrive up to 6-9 months after we begin to receive purchasing data. If minimum purchasing requirements are not met, the check will arrive once or twice annually depending on the dollar amount. No check below $100 will be paid.

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